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MPN: 19106-20

Revo Luna 20" Carry-On Spinner

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It's compact. It's lightweight yet durable. Its the Revo Luna 20" Carry-On Spinner. Made from high-strength 100% Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate that's textured to hide scratches, this baby is ready to take on the dog-eat-dog world of travel with a punch! But even this little dynamite has a soft side: The double divided, super organized interior contains soft material lining and mesh compression pockets to store all of your accessories. Keep things rolling smooth with ultra maneuverable dual spinner wheels, and your items safely secured with the top built-in TSA multi-digit combination lock. When you've got a tough little sidekick that's also very considerate, your travels are bound to improve. Step it up with the Revo Luna 20" Carry-On Spinner. 

  • Made from 100% Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate.
  • Made in USA
  • Features built in TSA lock.
  • 360 degree smooth technology 8 wheel spinner system.
  • Lightweight aluminum push button handle system.
  • Interior double divider for easy packing.
  • #10 oversized zippers for main compartment.
  • Interior mesh zipper compression compartments.
  • Weight : 7.3lbs
  • Capacity : 2593.5
  • Linear Inch : 43"
  • Dimensions : 19.5" x 14" x 9.5"
  • Warranty : 10+ Years
  • Durability : 9
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Wheel Count : 8 Wheels
  • Fastener : Zipper
  • Gender : Unisex
  • MPN : 19106-20
  • Length : 19.5"
  • Width : 9.5"
  • Height : 14"
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          5 of 5 stars Amazing Bag
By: Average joe from NYC on April 26, 2018

I looked all over the internet for a bag MADE IN THE USA and after going to macy's and sears disappointed I found this on the internet. It was exactly what I wanted and compared to samsonite and high end bag prices, in which this bag is it was a great price. I paid 180 after a coupon and if i were to buy a similar samsonite bag it would easily be 350 and would have the wonderful "made in china" sticker on it too. So i am very happy with this buy.

          5 of 5 stars Amazing Bag
By: The New Yorker from NYC on April 26, 2018

I was looking everywhere on the internet for a bag made in the United States and finally found this one. I was willing to pay much more for a hard case bag similar to this one and samsonite has a very similar one in macy's for $350. Overall I am ecstatic on this buy, because not only was it made in the usa but also a great looking and well built bag.

          5 of 5 stars Great Suitcase
By: Buy Made in USA guy from Brooklyn on April 26, 2018

I bought this bag because it was made in the USA and was very similar to samsonite bags in price and in quality. After using it on a plane it is exactly the limit in which could fit in an overhead bin. It rolls great and nothing has broken yet. The Bottom Line - The fact that it has a made in USA label on it instead of china or somewhere else makes me feel good and if I were to get a samsonite bag it would be the same price and same quality so i'm happy with it.

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