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Buying Luggage Tips

Buying Luggage
Here at Luggage Base we want you to be informed, we want you to know exactly what you are looking for so we can be sure that you get the perfect bag for your next exciting endeavor. Luggage Base is here to provide you with a quick and easy 7 step checklist to ensure you always choose the right bag. Thank you for choosing Luggage Base for your luggage needs, Travel Safe!


1) 2-Wheels, 4-Wheels or No Wheels?

How do you like travel with your bags in a busy terminal? If you prefer pulling your luggage behind you while you lean the bag, then the traditional 2 wheeled option is your best bet. This method is great for people who tend to walk a little faster, or when you need to speed up and catch a plane across the terminal. However, if you prefer 360 degrees of full mobility, perfect balance, and smooth in line wheels when in transit, the 4 wheeled option is the best option for you. Effortless mobility, the 4 wheeled option is perfect for the individual who enjoys taking their time and not rushing while traveling. Finally if you wish to never let your bags touch the ground, we offer a wide variety of Duffel Bags, backpacks and handbags for the individual looking for a no wheeled option.

2) Hardside or Softside?

Now that you have decided on how many wheels you like to travel with, now we need to choose if you prefer hard sided or soft sided luggage. Traditionally, hard sided luggage was once heavy, cumbersome, and offered no real benefit versus the alternative. Today, new modern lightweight Polycarbonates have been developed to be the strongest most durable options available. The hard sided luggage absorbs sudden heavy impacts and is built to ensure your internal contents are always safe. Not wanting to be left in the dust, soft sided luggage is now more durable then ever. A Ballistic Nylon exterior is tear resistant, promising that your little tear never develops into a big tear, while the durable internal frame is built to stand up to extreme stress and always keep your contents safe. With many more external pockets, soft sided luggage is utilized more for the larger number of packing options and compartments. Each one unique in it's own right, are you a soft side or hard side type or traveler?

3) Frequency of use

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a member of the aircrew, you need to be sure to have a bag that will perform exactly how you need it, when you need it. By partnering with industry leaders such as Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, Delsey, and Travelpro we can be sure to have exactly what you need. Whether your a career flight professional or first time flyer, Luggage Base has exactly the bag you need for that next trip on the horizon.

4) Personal Needs

What are you looking for in your bag, a simple question that has generated a multitude of responses. What you need to ask yourself is, What kind of packer are you? What do you need when you travel? If you more of a suit and tie type of guy, then a rolling garment bag or 30" Spinner bag with many internal organizers may be the perfect business trip bag. However, what if your more of a sun dress and T-Shirt type of girl, then a large spacious rolling duffel with only one large compartment would be a great choice. Luggage Base is here to provide you with a bag just as unique and individual as you are. This way you can be sure to take some of the stress out of traveling so your next trip will be your most memorable yet.

5) Personal Style

Mild mannered and well reserved, or bright, spontaneous, loud and proud? Luggage Base offers many unique color options for any type of personal style. If you are looking for an all black set of business bags, or a bright yellow set of CY Luggage spinners, be sure that your bags look great and are just as special as you are. By offering all the most in demand colors and options for the upcoming season, choose Luggage Base and showcase your style from the moment you are dropped off to your departure.

6) Brands and Price

As we narrow down the decision, we need to decide on your budget and what brands fit into that price range. Luggage Base offers a wide variety of brands from industry leaders in the market. Be sure to pick a name you can trust, feel free to contact us for any additional information on any unfamiliar brands we carry at Luggage Base.

7) Warrant and Care

The last step is one that is most important, and is the only one done post purchase. Registering the warranty is one of the easiest steps and can possibly save you untold amounts of stress, anger, apprehension, and of course money. Each brand has their own company warranty information with their own guidelines, always be sure that your bag is covered by registering the warranty the day of purchase to ensure the manufacturer will honor their agreement. Keeping your bags looking great is an easy way to save money and get the most use out of your bags. Check back soon as we are updating our website to include ways to keep your luggage looking great with items found from home.

Luggage Base would like to thank you for choosing us for your Luggage Needs and as always Travel Safe!