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We recently purchased a second Eagle Creek Tarmac 26 AWD and Tarmac 22 AWD Carry-on. These are updated versions of the ones we purchased in 2015 and seem to be just as well constructed with slight improvements in design and functionality. Looking forward to many trips with these!


I always thought I was packing efficiently using 1 and 2 Gallon plastic storage bags. Boy was I wrong. These pack it’s keep everything organized and neatly package because I can not only view my choices at a glance, but I can also extract just the right item without disturbing everything else. In addition, the ability to tighten the pack it after each item removal, keeps the remaining items securely stacked and wrinkle free!

Linda, OH

Bought this for a friend, she said it would come in handy for her running gear when she travels. Will keep the sweaty clothing away from her clean clothes. I use this for all my travels to isolate my used under garments and socks away from my clean clothes. I plan to purchase these for my teenage kids to keep their dirty undergarments and swim suits separated from the clean clothes. Well made, highly recommend.

Rene, OH

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