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Published 07/30/2018

No one likes dealing with wrinkled clothes when they travel. An unkempt and sloppy appearance is the last thing you need when attending a business conference, meeting high-value clients, or going to a wedding that is out of town.

The problem is your luggage. Most suitcases and carry-on bags force you to awkwardly fold your fine clothes in a way that causes noticeable creases and wrinkles. Once you arrive at your destination, your only options are wearing disheveled clothes or spending time and money ironing out the wrinkles.

You don’t have to put up with this frustration. The solution is the garment bag. When extended, garment bags allow you to hang clothing within the luggage easily. The bag is then folded in the middle to make more compact and transportable. This design keeps your fine clothes protected and wrinkle-free.

Garment bags come in a variety of brands, styles, sizes, and materials. They were traditionally used to transport men’s suits without the worry of wrinkles. Modern fashion trends have brought back the garment bag, and women have begun utilizing them to protect their dresses, blouses, and skirts during travel.

Five Major Benefits of a Garment Bag:

  • Wrinkle-Free Clothes – We already mentioned this one, but it is one of the best reasons to invest in a garment bag. Not having to deal with wrinkled clothes will save you time, money, and frustration when traveling.
  • Surprising Storage – Garment bags offer a lot of storage space. These bags usually possess large zippered pockets on the outside and lots of internal compartments for extra storage. In addition to the fine clothes that you hang up, you can typically store a pair of shoes, toiletries, underwear, belts, socks, and a couple of casual shirts and pants.
  • Durability – Your clothes will not only be wrinkle-free, but well protected. Garment bags are made of high-quality materials and ensure that your expensive clothes remain in mint condition.
  • Portability – In spite of all the clothes and additional belongings that you can fit into this piece of luggage, garment bags are easy to transport and store. A large majority of garment bags come equipped with a single shoulder that allows for convenient portability through airports, train stations, hotels, and wherever else you go. In fact, you can carry on some of the smaller garment bags when traveling by plane.
  • Ideal for Short Trips – Finding luggage that meets your needs during a short trip can be a challenge. A rolling suitcase is overdoing it, and a duffel or backpack may be too limited. Garment bags perfectly balance the advantages of a roller bag and a weekend duffel. They provide a lot of storage and wrinkle-free clothes while remaining extremely portable. This makes garment bags ideal for two to three-day trips.
  • If you are now anxious to start looking for a garment bag to purchase, you will soon discover that this process can be quite overwhelming. There are numerous garment bag styles, brands, materials, weights, and sizes to consider.
  • Moreover, most quality garment bag will not be a $30 – $50 purchase. Garment bags are a worthwhile investment, but you want to make sure you get a bag that will serve you well for many years to come.

How to Buy a Garment Bag
Deciding what garment bag to buy should be based on you. What are your travel needs? Are you primarily in the airport or traveling on the road? Do you typically pack the bare necessities or do you always prepare for the unexpected? Do you care more about appearance or utility? These are important questions you should ask yourself. The answers will help you determine which garment bag will best suit your needs.

Here are some of the easier determinations we can help you with:

We are giving you a freebie decision when choosing a garment bag. No matter what garment bag you decide to purchase, you will no longer have to worry about wrinkled clothes. Owning a garment bag is better than not owning a garment bag at all. Otherwise, you would be ironing out wrinkled clothes right now. So don’t sweat your purchase too much. Any garment bag purchase will ultimately benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

You will find that garment bags fall into one of two categories: wheels and no wheels.

From a style and appearance point of view, wheeled garment bags tend to possess more suitcase-like features. They typically are bulkier, heavier, more structurally durable, and equipped with a telescopic handle. If you are used to suitcases and prefer more durable luggage, a rolling garment bag may be a good choice for you.

On the other hand, non-rolling garment bags are more aesthetically pleasing. They look incredible and utilize fabulous materials. In general, garment bags without wheels come equipped with a single shoulder strap. If you are more into the stylish appearance, design, and feel of your luggage, you cannot go wrong with a non-rolling garment bag.

Concerning the utility of a garment bag, picking wheels or no wheels depends on your travel needs. If you are constantly moving through airports and hopping on different flights, a rolling garment bag is a smart choice. It can become tiresome or a nuisance to carry a garment bag when standing in line or running to catch a flight. However, if extensively traveling on foot is not an issue, you will not regret purchasing an over the shoulder garment bag.

The dimensions of your garment bag will mostly depend on how you pack and what constitutes comfortable traveling. By nature of their design, over the shoulder garment bags tend to be smaller and lighter. Rolling garment bags can be made larger and heavier.

If you are a free-spirited minimalist, non-wheeled garment bags were made for you. They provide all the storage you will need to exceed some of the necessities and enjoy a two to three-day trip. Conversely, if you like to pack a few extra outfits, prepare for the unexpected, and leave some extra room for items you purchase during your trip, a larger and possibly rolling garment bag is worth considering.

If you are traveling by car or train, the size and weight of your garment bag will not matter as much. In this circumstance, pick the garment bag that you like the most. You don’t need to worry about utility as much when traveling on the road or by train.

However, size and weight are important when traveling by airplane. If you want to save some extra money and enjoy keeping your luggage with you at all time, choosing a garment bag that you can carry on will be a vital factor. If you don’t mind checking your luggage and prefer some extra space and durability, a larger, heavier, and potentially rolling garment bag will be the smartest choice for your travel circumstances.

This one is pretty simple. If you typically take two to three-day trips, you probably do not need a garment bag that is large and heavy. Over the shoulder garment bags are perfect for these short trips.

If you tend to go on trips that are longer than three days, you will probably want to invest in a garment bag that allows you to store more than a few pairs of clothes.

After considering all these things, picking out your dream garment bag will be much easier and less time-consuming.

Three Featured Garment Bags at Luggage Base
We sell some of the best garment bags on the market. The garment bags within our selection are in style, well-made, and meet the unique needs of every traveler. For your consideration, here are three featured garment bags at Luggage Base:

Piel Leather Executive Expandable Garment Bag

This well-crafted Piel Leather garment bag expands 10” to hold up to five suits, possesses four outside gusseted zip compartments, and four inside zip-pockets. One of our best selling garment bags, this bag is made out of high-quality leather and extraordinary workmanship. It is perfect for those who want an over the shoulder garment bag that is equal parts beauty and utility.

Samsonite Leverage LTE Wheeled Garment Bag

For the traveler who prefers suitcase-like luggage, this Samsonite garment bag is made of durable nylon material that resists dirt, moisture, and abrasions. If you are frequently moving around airport terminals, the wheels and lockable pull handle on this garment bag will assist you in transporting your luggage.

Delsey Cruise Lite Softside Spinner Trolley Garment Bag

The heaviest of these three products, this Delsey garment bag weighs 11.5 lbs and is very durable and sophisticated. Equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle, like the Samsonite garment bag, this piece of luggage is made of a ballistic nylon material that resists damage due to impacts and abrasions.If you are tired of wrinkled clothes and interested in purchasing a garment bag, call or contact Luggage Base to speak with a customer care representative.

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