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Packing Tips

Secrets of Packing Luggage
Pack light: The lighter you pack, the better your trip. Try not to take more than 2 bags for each person. Some are able to pack in only a carry-on and a smaller tote which is ideal. This eliminates hassles at check-in and the baggage claim. Always check with the airline on baggage restrictions, also lightweight luggage is a great way to trim off the excess ounces so you have plenty of space for souvenirs.

Plan your wardrobe: Try to mix and match your outfits using a combination of basics to free up space. DO NOT take several pairs of shoes if at all possible. Keeping a list in your suitcase will make your packing easier the next time around and will be beneficial if your items are lost or stolen. Wally Bags are a great way to stay organized and keep your outfits organized and ready. Know the weather conditions of your destination and bring the appropriate clothing. You can also pack old clothes and throw them out during your trip freeing up space to bring back purchases and gifts.

Go miniature: Try to use travel-sized toiletry items and appliances to free up space and eliminate weight. Having a Toiletry bag packed and ready to go at all times makes it even easier. Do not fill your bottles to the top, and use plastic zipper bags to prevent leakage when the liquid expands at high altitudes.

Tighten up: More space and less wrinkles. Roll your tee-shirts and other casual or lightweight items. Eagle Creek has some nice items for packing in their Pack-It System. These are great for any items you have to fold. Put socks and underwear in your shoes to free up space and reduce crushing. Do not over-pack. This will cause considerable wear on your bag and zippers.

Always carry-on: Carry on any valuables, jewelry, cameras, medication, money, keys, documents, and a change of clothes in case your checked bags are damaged, lost, or stolen. Check our Carry-On Luggage guide for size restrictions and other information.

Identify your luggage: Use an exterior ID tag (preferably one that covers your personal information) and another inside your luggage. Or check out the exciting Helium Colours line from Delsey, and pick a hardsided option with a color just as unique as you are.

Remove old claim checks: This will avoid confusion for baggage handlers. Always be sure any information or tags attached to your bag or straps is always up to date and correct to avoid baggage problems.

Insurance: Always be sure to insure any valuables not covered in your airlines luggage policy or any other valuables of particular importance. Always be sure that you are covered and avoid a potential dilemma with your airline.

Lock your luggage: This prevents accidental opening and deters theft. Use a TSA-approved luggage lock or other travel security accessories to ensure peace of mind while in transit. Using a luggage strap is highly recommended for pieces 26" and larger. This will also prevent accidental opening, deter theft, and help identify your luggage at the baggage claim.

Remove any detachables: Remove shoulder straps, hooks, add-a-bag straps, and any dangling or loose items that may be lost or stolen.