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Luggage Care Tips

Tips to make your luggage last longer

  • Never leave the zipper pulls at the corner of a suitcase. Always leave the zippers in the middle, more blows are absorbed into the corners than any other part of the bag. This can cause the zippers to rupture and open. Always keep the zippers in the center, Your zippers will thank you.
  • Avoid dragging luggage up or down stairs; The wheels were meant to be rolled, bouncing them on stairs can cause irreplaceable damage.
  • Never pick up the bag by the adjustable handle. Instead use the top carry handle and be sure that your adjustable handle never breaks or bends.
  • Some airports provide passengers with protective plastic covers that will cover luggage for a nominal fee. This is a great investment to protect your luggage from scratches, scuffs and minor damage.
  • Keep a copy of your luggage lock combinations in a safe place, never inside the locked suitcase.
  • Be sure to check the label on cleaning solutions, never use ballistic nylon cleaner on leather or vice versa.
  • Do not assume the wheels are made to go off road, the in line wheels work best on carpet and in indoor conditions.