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How to Use and Purchase a Garment Bag

No one likes dealing with wrinkled clothes when they travel. An unkempt and sloppy appearance is the last thing you need when attending a business conference, meeting high-value clients, or going to a wedding that is out of town.

Published on 07/30/18 Read Article
The Best Lightweight Luggage

When traveling, sometimes you don’t necessarily need a lot of bags. Sometimes you only need maybe one carry on and maybe one suitcase. Even though, only needing one or two bags, is common, it can be challenging to find a small and lightweight bag that is specific to traveling light and efficiently. Below is a comprehensive list of lightweight luggage that is simple and efficient for light traveling.

Published on 04/30/18 Read Article
Review of Samsonite Leverage LTE Luggage Collection

Samsonite has introduced the new luggage collection Samsonite Leverage LTE that is geared towards the business traveler but has been highly embarrassed by the leisure vacationer as well. The Leverage LTE uses durable materials including the fadric, wheels, zippers, and handle system which we expect from an inline traditional luggage series from Samsonite.

Published on 02/26/16 Read Article
Most Popular School Backpacks for 2017: Discover the Trendiest Styles

As back to school approaches quickly, it is important to be aware of the hottest trends to purchase your favorite backpack yet! Here at Luggage Base, we offer many different brands and styles of backpacks that are sure to be the perfect companion for your 2017-2018 school year. Lets take a look at some of the most popular backpacks for students heading back to school.

Published on 06/09/15 Read Article
See Why Customers Love the Eagle Creek Expanse Series

The all new Eagle Creek Expanse series is a sporty line of durable and versatile pieces that can travel with you on any adventure. Notable features that attract customers to this line of luggage is the lightweight and durable material that is used, the self-repairing lockable zippers, and the various carrying options that give versatility to the bags. One of the more popular pieces among the customers here at Luggage Base is the Eagle Creek Expanse AWD Carry-On. This piece is compact enough to go with you wherever you need it to, but still contains enough space to pack for trips up to seven days. Luggage Base offers this desired line in various styles including duffel bags, carry-ons, uprights, and flatbeds.

Published on 06/09/15 Read Article