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Lewis N Clark Waterseals Waterproof Tablet

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The Lewis N Clark Waterseals Magnetic Waterproof Mini pouch is ideal to have for any trip. The high quality TPU material helps protect your phone, credit cards, car keys and other items from water or dust. Pouch can hold up to an 8” tablet. Need to take a picture on the water, no worries with transparent TPU material also allows you to take crystal clear pictures and videos, even when you’re underwater. No need for additional audio equipment, the pouch allow your device to be fully functional and makes sound clearly. Great pouch that helps protect you electronics.

  • Keep the inner part of the magnetic sealing apparatus clean and void of any dirt or other foreign objects in secure pouch productivity.
  • If utilize in salt water rinse with fresh water and avoid exposure to any tempatures higher then 140 F
  • Waterproof up to 100+ft and is dust proof as well.
  • Ability to access touchscreens buttons and switches on your device through the pouch.
  • Magnetic closure does not interfere with your electronicsgard drives memory cards or credit cards.
  • Adjustable lanyard included.
  • Automatic closure ensures a waterproof seal.
  • No need for head phones devices are fully functional through the bag.
  • High-quality TPU materila allows for clear shots and turns existing camera into underwater camera.
  • Fits Apple: Mini iPad 1/2/4Amazon: Fire Fire HD 6/7 Fire HDX Fire Kids and more.
  • Weight : .31
  • Capacity : 63 cu in
  • Linear Inch : 16.13"
  • Dimensions : 9.12 x 7"
  • Warranty : 1 Year
  • Durability : 9
  • Material : Plastic
  • Fastener : Magnet
  • Gender : Unisex
  • MPN : 1387
  • Length : 9.12"
  • Width : 0"
  • Height : 7"
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