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Reviews of Eagle Creek Pack-It Starter Set

          5 of 5 stars
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          5 of 5 stars
By: Linda on February 27, 2019

I always thought I was packing efficiently using 1 and 2 Gallon plastic storage bags. Boy was I wrong. These pack it’s keep everything organized and neatly package because I can not only view my choices at a glance, but I can also extract just the right item without disturbing everything else. In addition, the ability to tighten the pack it after each item removal, keeps the remaining items securely stacked and wrinkle free!

          5 of 5 stars Best purchase
By: Elizabeth from Downers Grove on April 26, 2018

Best purchase

          5 of 5 stars Very important to packing for any trip length
By: Paige from Los Angeles on April 26, 2018

This kit has become very important to my packing whether for the gym or trips out of town. The flat folder is great for packing dresses, blouses or blazers without needing a garment bag. The zipped containers are great for socks, belts, sweaters or other smaller garments. Packing and unpacking is easier and faster when I use these folders and containers. I have had them for years and would not pack without them.