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Samsonite Duffels

Samsonite wheeled duffels are now at a great price and are easy to pack and glide effortlessly by using ball bearing in-line wheels.

Choose from a variety of sizes and colors. Samsonite Duffels are easy to pack with one main compartment and extra side pockets.

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The top luggage brands tend to be on top for a reason. They’ve proven their durability and convenience, and they come in styles travelers love. Find familiar names like Eagle Creek, Patagonia, Samsonite, SwissGear, and many more. With all the best luggage brands in one place, you can easily find the best size and weight for you.

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High-quality luggage doesn’t have to be expensive. LuggageBase offers the best value luggage brands available while also offering fantastic deals on premium products. You’ll find competitive pricing on every type of luggage, from backpacks to rolling trunks, so you can stretch your dollar further. When your luggage investment goes further, so can you.

Review on Samsonite Duffels

Samsonite has been known for making good quality products that last a long time. You cant go wrong when picking a duffel bag made by Samsonite to carry your belongings with you. They have different sizes to suit the needs of the trips you are taking. Some of the popular ones are the wheeled duffels, which come in very useful when carrying alot of weight through the airport terminals. Don't worry about the weight either, because the wheel systems can take the load.