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Delsey Luggage

All of our Delsey luggage collections offer durability, functionality, and sleek design all at reasonable prices.
What you can expect from our Travel Luggage
The Highest Quality Luggage

How do we define high quality? Luggage that withstands the rigors of travel and still performs as you need it to. Bags and suitcases aren’t just for show; they’re made to be used. So we only stock products made to last. No matter how nice it looks, if it won’t hold up, it’s not high-quality luggage — and it’s not in our inventory.

The Best Luggage Brands

The top luggage brands tend to be on top for a reason. They’ve proven their durability and convenience, and they come in styles travelers love. Find familiar names like Eagle Creek, Patagonia, Samsonite, SwissGear, and many more. With all the best luggage brands in one place, you can easily find the best size and weight for you.

The Best Value Luggage

High-quality luggage doesn’t have to be expensive. LuggageBase offers the best value luggage brands available while also offering fantastic deals on premium products. You’ll find competitive pricing on every type of luggage, from backpacks to rolling trunks, so you can stretch your dollar further. When your luggage investment goes further, so can you.


Delsey Luggage Features

When you choose Delsey luggage from LuggageBase, you know that you’re investing in a functional, sleek, and durable piece that you can afford. From Delsey carry on, garment bags and duffel bags to soft-sided to hard-sided pieces, you’re certain to find exactly the wheeled, lightweight designs you need for all of your travels.

Available in over 100 countries, Delsey luggage has been producing carefully-crafted, fine luggage for almost a century. With experience and state-of-the-art technology, the Delsey brand stands for everything you’ll want in your baggage so that you can travel worry-free.

Discover Delsey Luggage Collections

Delsey Chatelet Luggage Collection

The Delsey Chatelet collection combines both elegance and innovative technology to create a classic looking line that meets all of your traveling needs. Such features include a unique brake system which locks the front two spinner wheels upon the push of a button, an identification plate, interior dividers that allow travelers to organize their contents, and Hinomoto spinner wheels that increase the maneuverability of the bag. The Chatelet collection is created from 100% Virgin Polycarbonate material that is temperature and shock resistant. This collection is offered in both hard side and soft side spinners, as well as a beautifully crafted tote bag. Although not made with polycarbonate material, the Delsey Chatelet Soft Side 30" Expandable Spinner is the perfect piece to take on long trips as it offers an expandable feature to fit everything you need. If you are searching for an elegant piece of luggage that does not sacrifice durability, the Chatelet collection is meant for you. 

Delsey Bastille Lite Luggage Collection

The Delsey Bastille Lite collection offers travelers both lightweight and stylish pieces to take on any adventure. This new line of luggage is made from Plenium material which creates the lightness of the collection. The Bastille line has additional features such as dual spinner wheels, mesh dividers, interior shoe pockets, optional expansion, and an integrated TSA-Accepted lock. The collection is available in three different sizes: a carry-on, a 25 inch, and a 29 inch. The Bastille luggage is offered in three beautifully crafted colors: a rich blue, a pearl grey, and a stunning black. If you desire luggage that travels easy yet makes a statement, look no further. 

Delsey Cruise Lite Softside Luggage Collection

The Delsey Cruise Lite Softside line is designed to be sophisticated yet still reliable and manageable for every traveler. The collection is lightweight because of the Ballistic Nylon material that it is constructed from, has spacious outer pockets that are easily accessible, many organizational features such as a center divider with a hanger clip, and dual spinner wheels for additional maneuverability. This line features a built in overweight indicator that ensures your bag is under 50 pounds to avoid additional airline expenses. The Cruise Lite line is available in a variety of styles such as an underseater, a duffel bag, a garment bag, and various spinners and totes. The Delsey Cruise Lite Softside 30" Trolley Duffel is perfect for long trips and is designed to handle any adventure. The Cruise Lite Softside line is meant for fashionable travelers that do not want to sacrifice reliability. 

Delsey Cruise Hard Luggage Collection

The Delsey Cruise Hard collection provides customers with luggage that he or she will want to take on every trip whether it is across the world or across town. This all new collection features innovative technology that makes traveling easier than ever before. The Cruise Hard collection is equipt with a unique 90/10 top lid opening that provides increased packing space, a fully lined interior that contains various pockets, a built-in overweight indicator that ensures your bag is under 50 pounds, and dual spinner wheels that make the luggage easy to maneuver. Luggage Base offers this collection in various sizes ranging from 19 inches to 29 inches, as well as the Delsey Cruise Hard 2 Wheel Under Seater. If you are searching for durable and sleek looking luggage then the Cruise Hard line by Delsey is meant for you. 

Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 Luggage Collection

The Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 line by Delsey combines easy packing technology that one finds in softside luggage while still maintaining the durability found in hardside bags. This line has a unique lid opening that is similar to ones found in softside luggage, which allows customers to easily open and close their bags for more manageable packing. Since this line is made from 100% polycarbonate material, it is extremely durable and impact resistant. Luggage Base offers the Helium Shadow 3.0 in sizes that range from 19 inches to 29 inches as well as multiple colors including a striking platinum, purple, black, and blue. If you are searching for durability and simple packing, the Helium Shadow 3.0 will meet your traveling needs.