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Patagonia Duffels

Shop our selection of Patagonia Luggage and step into a world of alpine adventure!

Patagonia Luggage has been producing some of the world's best climbing and outdoor sporting gear since the 1970s. The company has since expanded to include clothing and luggage for the urban lifestyle as well, but maintains the sense of adventure and commitment to nature instilled by the small band of climbers and surfers that founded the company years ago. Most of the products are made with recycled material, and Patagonia donates a portion of its earnings to various nature conservation efforts around the world.

Patagonia's products are all about simplicity and functionality, reflecting the minimalist lifestyles of the company's creators. The Patagonia Luggage collection here at Luggage Base includes backpacks and daypacks, duffels, rolling luggage, MLC shoulder luggage, and briefcases.

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How do we define high quality? Luggage that withstands the rigors of travel and still performs as you need it to. Bags and suitcases aren’t just for show; they’re made to be used. So we only stock products made to last. No matter how nice it looks, if it won’t hold up, it’s not high-quality luggage — and it’s not in our inventory.

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The top luggage brands tend to be on top for a reason. They’ve proven their durability and convenience, and they come in styles travelers love. Find familiar names like Eagle Creek, Patagonia, Samsonite, SwissGear, and many more. With all the best luggage brands in one place, you can easily find the best size and weight for you.

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High-quality luggage doesn’t have to be expensive. LuggageBase offers the best value luggage brands available while also offering fantastic deals on premium products. You’ll find competitive pricing on every type of luggage, from backpacks to rolling trunks, so you can stretch your dollar further. When your luggage investment goes further, so can you.

More About our Patagonia Luggage Collection 

Our Patagonia Luggage collection includes day packs, duffels, rolling luggage, MLC shoulder luggage, and briefcases from Patagonia's Black Hole, Arbor, Transport, and Headway lines, as well as individual backpacks. All of the individual Patagonia Backpacks we sell have their own unique perks and features and are great for the outdoors and school or work. They are made with 100% recycled nylon that is treated with a water-repellent finish to withstand the elements.

Products in the Black Hole collection are the toughest of the tough. Constructed of sturdy polyester fabric with TPU film laminate with water repellent finish, these bags are made to withstand extreme weather and abuse. Items in this collection include duffels, wheeled duffels, and a backpack. 

The Arbor collection has a signature rustic style reminiscent of Patagonia's early years in the 1980s. These bags are made of 100% recycled polyester fabric with a water-repellent finish to resist moisture and wear. The day bag and duffel sold here are perfect for short getaways and day trips atop mountains or to your favorite coffee shop across town. 

MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On) shoulder luggage from Patagonia's Transport and Headway Collections pack 3-5 days' worth of clothes that fit most airline carry-on regulations to have you zipping through airports with ease. The Headway Brief can also be used as a carry-on or for short weekend trips. 

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel BagsThe Black Hole Duffel collection sold at Luggage Base offers the outdoors person assistance in any excursion that he or she wishes to tackle. The Patagonia duffel bags are ready to withstand any trial because of the polyester they are constructed from, TPU film laminate and a finish that repels water. The duffels have many features including a U-shape opening which allows for easy packing and unpacking of materials, padding on the bottom to protect your clothes, and various handles. If you are looking for a duffel to assist you on an extended trip the Patagonia Black Hole Wheeled Duffel 70L L might be exactly what you need. Patagonia has been a top selling brand for over forty years because of its high quality, simple style, and durability that their products offer.  

Patagonia Backpack Collection

Patagonia BackpacksThe Patagonia Backpack Collection is one that can travel with you through school, work, or vacation. Patagonia makes the backpacks from a strong nylon material and incorporates many features such as a padded laptop compartment, a spacious main compartment, and many organizational pockets for smaller items. Luggage Base offers Patagonia backpacks in a variety of styles including regular style backpacks that range in size from 18L to 32L, sling backpacks, and messenger style bags. Make sure to check out the Patagonia Refugio 28L which is extremely popular amongst Luggage Base customers. If you are looking for a traveling companion that always has your back then a Patagonia backpack is meant for you. 

What makes Patagonia different?

Quality, Simplicity, Utility - Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promoted. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for quality, simplicity and utility. We guarantee everything we make and encourage our customers to repair, rather than replace, what they buy through our Worn Wear program.